Saturday, August 02, 2008

Pretty Boy

O.K. When I saw who was going on this trip I thought "oh great a bunch of teenagers that we are gonna have to watch this whole trip". Boy was I wrong about that. We had no problems at all with anybody.Think about this there were 30 people ages 15 to Rolf (LOL-Don't know how old Rolf is). And there were no fights, no getting on any buddies nerves. Now if that's not God I don't now what is.

This is Rolf..

All the teenagers were great for teenagers. they never complained about anything they were told to do. They loved on some baby's and were just great.

Now one of the teenage boy stood out to me more then the others and that was Paul (The pretty boy) Musso. He was on my team for the basketball camps.

First let me tell you why I gave him the nickname. It was the 2nd day of camps and we were going to have tea with the Principal and Teachers of the school. I was the last one to go up and some of the kids asked me to sign their wrist bands that we gave out. So as I was signing one girl looked at me and said "can you give this to Paul (handing me her wrist ban) and have him sign it for me?" so I took it and then she said "oh and have him kiss it". So like any grown 35 year old man would do I gave it back to her and said "I will go get him for you". Then I went inside and told everyone. Paul went out and the girls (by this time there were more of them) went CRAZY (like the old video of the Beatles) They chased him around screaming. Even the kids at the care points looked at him different. We also heard some of the girls at the school walking back to there class saying that Paul had shook there hands and they were not going to wash them.

Some of the kids from the school.

Paul in blue holding the basketball..

Paul in blue in the middle of the group.

He's not only pretty but he's a great kid. I'm glad he was on my team and I got to know him better.

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